How to Play Izzi (Izzi Discord Bot Guide)

So now that you’ve set up Izzi Discord Bot, it’s time to learn some basics, shall we?

In this guide, I’ll explain to you how to play Izzi—including tips and tricks you won’t find anywhere else!

Let’s get started!


When you play Izzi, you are going to use a few commands related to your profile very often. Please note that every time there are commands mentioned, it is not a full list, only the most frequently used ones. See all commands on the official Izzi website.

You’ll probably end up checking these many times if you play, so it’s good to have them in one place!

All commands in this article are written with manual message parsing but Discord now enforces applications to use slash commands in order to work. This essentially means that you will have to either tag the bot by typing @izzi9752 or use /.

As a result, you will type instead of let’s say iz g @iz9752 g, and it will work flawlessly.

I know that this is an annoying change for many but there is a workaround that works for phones.

How to add shortcuts on Gboard (a keyboard app for Android phones)

To make a new shortcut, launch Gboard appDictionaryPersonal DictionaryLanguage then tap on “+” symbol in the right corner. Enter the abbreviation you’d like to use in the “Shortcut” (iz) field, and then type in the entire phrase you want it to be replaced with in the “Phrase” (@izzi#9752) field.

How to add shortcuts on iPhone

To make a new shortcut, launch the Settings appGeneralKeyboardText Replacement and choose the “+” symbol in the top right corner. Enter the abbreviation you’d like to use in the “Shortcut” (iz) field, and then type in the entire phrase you want it to be replaced with in the “Phrase” (@izzi#9752) field.

NOTE: Make sure auto-correct is on if you want this to work.

Izzi Bot Profile Commands

iz p <user ID>(optional)shows your/mentioned user’s profile
iz gshows your amount of gold
iz manashows your current mana
iz expshows your current experience
iz permitshows your amount of raid permits
iz lvlshows your current level
iz shardshows how many shards you have
iz orbshows how many orbs you have


One of the key elements of Izzi is that you’ll collect cards that you’ll use for battles. Hence, it’s necessary to understand how to access and compare them. I included some other commands that are useful for handling your cards as well.

Izzi Bot Inventory Commands

iz invshows the contents of your inventory
iz cards <level one> <level two>get an estimation of the cards required to enchant your card between two levels; for example iz cards 2 8 will inform you how many cards you’ll need to enchant from level 2 to level 8
iz info <card number>shows info about the hero from your inventory
iz fav <card number>puts the card to your favorites, you can filter them by typing iz inv -fav
iz dex searches in the Xendex; filters: -a (ability), -t (element type)
iz cinfo -n shows info about the hero according to their name


Each card has an element type. When you battle against other characters, you can end up in elemental advantage/disadvantage/unaffected.

When you are flooring or raiding, it’s nice to have an elemental advantage. In flooring it’s fairly easy, the boss (card) that you are battling has one element so you can easily say whether you have an elemental advantage.

But raiding is different. You have a team of 3 and the raid against you has also random 3 characters with certain elements. You need to make sure that you have the elemental advantage there.

So each time you are in a raid, sum up all your advantage minus disadvantages.

+1>=advantage, 0=neutral & -1>=disadvantage

In simplicity, this means that when you are at an elemental advantage, you can deal more damage and receive less damage and vice versa.

In the example above, you can see that Team . will have an elemental advantage. This is because 🌪️ doesn’t counter any of Team .’s elements and only Team .’s 🍃 counters XeneX’s ⛰️.

Raiding Comps & which cards to buy

The current raid meta in Izzi is Harbinger of Death + Revitalize + Lifesteal. Those are abilities that are most OP right now but that might change in the future. I’ll also provide some examples that are in my opinion worth buying/considering.

HoD: You cannot escape your death. Nullify all Stack Effects resetting Evasion Chance, as well as buffing all Ally Stats by 14%.

HoD Cards Examples: ⛰️Nosferatu Zodd/ Monika, 💧Rimuru Tempest, 🌙Satoru Gojo/Sukuna, ☀️Akame, ❄️Kaito, 🍃Inui Sajuna, 🔥Shishio Makoto, ⚡Schwi Dola

Revitalize: Restore 18% of missing HP of all allies as well as increase their ATK by 8%.

Revitalize Cards Examples: 🍃Yotsuba Nakano, ☀️Shuna/Miku Nakano/Mayuri Shiina, ✨Kitagawa Marin, 🌙Mio Akiyama, ❄️Kaho Hinata/ Ririka Momobami

Lifesteal: Increase Life Steal by 25%, as well as buff ATK of all allies by 10%.

Lifesteal Cards Examples: 🍃Momo Belia Deviluke, ☣️Mine, ☀️Enju Aihara, ✨King Bradley, 🔥Maka Albarn, ⛰️Erza Scarlet, 💧Nagisa Shiota, ⚡Tuka Luna Marceau

To quickly browse Xendex, use the command iz dex -a <ability name>.

Example: iz dex -a lifesteal. To add an element, add -t <element>. Example: iz -dex -a lifesteal -t fire.

You want to look at stats, elements, and prices on the market for the desired card. The most important stats are ATK (Attack), HP (Health), and DEF (Defense). The best elements to start with are probably Fire, Crystal, Light, or Neutral. The weakest element is Water because it counters only Fire while it’s countered by two elements.

To make things simpler, you can choose a Neutral card for Revitalize/Lifesteal and buy a variety of HoD cards with different elements that you’ll change up depending on the situation. It’s up to you how you want to handle it.

Cards for flooring

When you start your journey in Izzi, you’ll receive a Diamond card that will sustain you for a while. But don’t get too comfortable, you should get ahold of an Immortal card ASAP! I was using the cards I acquired for raiding (mainly Revitalize but also HoD) and they sustained me till high floors. Of course, you want to upgrade them to at least Exclusive and then finally to Ultimate rank.

There are some difficult floors though when you are really high (80+ floors) and you’ll want to get Guardian cards (💧Aqua, ❄️Mitsuki Nase, ☀️Kaori Miyazono) and possibly also a Sleep card ☣️Accelerator for 🌪️ and HoD floors. Also, you can use characters like ⛰️Raphtalia (Berserk ability) for RNG floors. Keep in mind that sometimes it takes many tries before you actually defeat the floor boss. Don’t give up easily!

Where to get Immortal cards?

You can get Legend, Divine, and even Immortal cards from:

  • Hard & Immortal Raids.
  • Market. Use iz help mk to see all available commands. I don’t recommend doing this as it’s too expensive but it might be worth checking once in a while, someone might put there something for a cheaper price.
  • Market selling section on the Official Izzi Discord server. This is where I purchase all cards, you can even negotiate with the sellers and it’s usually way cheaper than the normal market accessible through commands.

Must-buy items & how to equip them

To have the right items means to survive longer and deal more damage.

If you are poor, you want to start with the basic items for the HoD comp. Those are Bloodthirster (ID 3), Youmuu’s Ghostblade (ID 8), and Sapphire’s Staff (ID 11). You can purchase them through the command iz ishop & then you’ll buy them with the command iz ishop buy <ID>.

Bloodthirster (ID 3): Increase the critical hit chances and lifesteal of all allies by 20%. ATK: 55 | CRIT: 0.2

Ghostblade (ID 8): Gain (+40) speed increasing your evasion chances by 12%. EVASION: 0.12 | ATK: 60 | SPD: 40

Sapphire’s Staff (ID 11): Grants additional (+40) INT, +35 defense. As well as gain a 30% resistance and 32% EVASION chance against Harbinger of Death INT: 40 | DEF: 35 | RESIST: 30

After you gain more gold, you’ll want to get also Seeker’s Armguard (ID 9). This item will be useful in raids when you are against HoD. You’ll swap ID 8 for ID 9. So instead of 3 8 11, you’ll go for 3 9 11.

It’s useful to also acquire Staff of Medana (ID 17) as that is counter to Restriction and Sleep.

Seeker’s Armguard (ID 9): Grants additional (+40) INT, +35 defense. As well as gain a 30% resistance and 32% EVASION chance against Harbinger of Death. INT: 40 | DEF: 35 | RESIST: 30

Staff of Medana (ID 17): Grants 20% resistance buff against SLEEP/RESTRICT as well as increases INT by 125 points. INT: 125 | RESIST: 20

To equip the item for your character, first, check the number of the card in the inventory, and then you’ll type iz eq <number of the card> <ID of the item>.

For example, to equip Ghostblade (ID 8) on your card number 6, you’ll type iz eq 6 8.

There is another method for equipping items for your team: iz tm equip <item ID> <team name>. This will equip the chosen item to the position in the team instead.

If an item is already equipped on the card assigned the team item will not be used. Items equipped on teams will not be removed unless the team is reset or the same item is set to a different position. The same item can be equipped on multiple teams making it easier to switch between teams.

Evolving & Enchanting Cards

Now that you know how to work with your inventory, you need to be well-prepared for evolving your cards.

To understand the evolving system, let’s first talk about what means to evolve your card.

There is a total of 9 ranks in Izzi and between them is a 20% increase based on the base stats that each card has.


Evolving a card means that you can upgrade the rank of the card. This can be done starting from Diamond.

There are two methods of how you can evolve your cards.

The first method is cheaper but requires two identical cards of the same rank and the same (maximum) level.

For example, if you combine two identical Immortal cards (level 70), you’ll upgrade that specific card to become an Exclusive rank (level 1). This will boost the card’s stats by 20%.

First, you’ll need to sacrifice one of the cards by typing iz sac <card number 1> <card number 2> (it’ll sacrifice card number 2 and transfer the souls to card number 1).

Then, you’ll use the already-mentioned command iz evo <card number 1>. After that, you’ll get a level 1 card of the next rank that you’ll need to enchant to get the maximum level.

You’ll usually want to buy either Divine (maximum level 60) or Immortal cards (maximum level 70). This way, you can quickly build an Immortal Card or an Exclusive card, which are solid for raiding and clearing floors.

The second method of evolving cards is through your guild. This is worth it when you want to gain blue orbs (you can purchase skins for them & convert them into shards) or when the Immortal card by itself is too expensive.

Each clan leader and vice leader can access the guild market. There, they can purchase souls and seals, which are later accessed by you through iz guild items command. These souls & seals are used to evolve a card and upgrade a guild.

Even though they can be plenty of those if there is enough gold in the guild, you won’t be able to get the guild items if you don’t have enough usable gold in the guild. To check how much usable gold you have, type iz guild members.

There are many important things to note:

  • 5 souls need 1 seal.
  • Only the guild leader/vice leader can purchase souls and seals directly from the guild shop (iz guild mk).
  • The card should be at a maximum level before evoing; your card contains 1 soul by default on every rank.
Rank upgradeSouls & Seals requiredCost
Diamond → Legend6 souls | 1 seal197,500
Legend → Divine 10 souls | 2 seals 367,500
Divine → Immortal24 souls | 5 seals932,500
Immortal → Exclusive45 souls | 9 seals1,750,000
Exclusive → Ultimate58 souls | 12 seals2,287,500

Now that you made sure that you have enough usable gold and that your guild has all the items you need to upgrade your card, you’ll want to use this command: [Example] iz guild souls 123123 20 → it’ll add 20 souls (that’s the maximum) to the card with ID 123123. You’ll just keep adding souls if you need more with the same command. After they are added, you’ll evo your card as explained above.

To sum it up, it’s possible to grind your way to Ultimate rank with a bit of effort, time, and gold.

Enchanting means leveling the cards. This slightly boosts the stats of the card at each level.

When you enchant the card, it’ll automatically choose all silver, gold, and platinum cards, destroy them, and upgrade your card’s level. The command for enchanting is iz enh <card number>.

There is also a 3x multiplier if you have silver, gold, or platinum cards of the same hero card you are enchanting. This way, you won’t need as many cards. To quickly find how many cards you need, use the command iz cards <level 1> <level 2>.

To give an example, iz cards 1 70 will show you how many cards you’ll need to consume in order to level up from level 1 to level 70.

How to Enchant (Level) Ultimate Cards

Ultimate cards can be leveled up from level 70 to level 80. To achieve the next level, you need to collect a certain amount of souls which will be shown in your inventory.

To acquire souls, you need to buy and equip Desolator (ID 7) from the ishop. The cost of this item is 27,778.

You’ll need to equip it to one of your Ultimate cards and as you will battle with your team in raids, you have a chance to gain 3 souls from one raid battle attack.

Once you have sufficient souls, you’ll type @iz uc <card ID>. This will consume the souls and level up your card.


Izzi is all about adventuring, and clearing floors will provide you gold, levels (higher level=bigger mana pool), and also experience with various elements and abilities to understand the game better.

When you first start flooring, it’s going to be easy but will get gradually more difficult as you progress to higher floors.

Izzi Bot Adventure Commands

iz selectselects a card from your collections to battle alongside you; for example iz select 5 will select card number 5 from your inventory
iz fl/iz fl nmoves you to the desired floor that you have unlocked or to the next floor
iz zone/iz zone nmoves you to the desired zone that you have unlocked or to the next zone
iz bt battles the floor with the selected card
iz bt alluses all your mana into 1 battle

It’s very crucial to remember that you can use the hidebt feature. This will hide the visual and show you the battle’s results instantly!

Example: iz bt hidebt


You need mana if you want to clear floors. Each “challenge” will cost you 5 mana even if you lose against the floor boss.

It comes in handy to know that you get 2 mana every 4 minutes (+1 if premium).

When you are out of mana, you can use the following commands:

  • iz vote (you’ll get some extra gold, a refill of mana, and raid permits) for voting
  • iz hr (hourly mana from 5 to 20)
  • iz lotto (lottery, you have a chance to win some mana)

Make sure that you use all your mana before you vote because you’ll get your mana refilled fully!

Creating a team & raiding

To start raiding means that you will first need a solid team. We have talked about elemental advantage and cards that you should buy but how do you even create a team for raiding in the first place?

It’s fairly easy. You’ll type iz tm create <name> and it will create your team. After that, you can go ahead and type iz tm select <team name>. Now that you’ve selected a team that’ll battle with you on your raid adventures.

To assign a card to battle in your team, type iz tm set <card number> <team name>. When in doubt, use the command iz tm view to check your current team! Make sure you have the right items equipped.

There are 4 difficulties (easy -e, medium -m, hard -h, immortal -i). Obviously, the Immortal one is the best.

If you already have some solid Immortal Cards that are capable of dealing damage, you can start looking for Immortal Raids. You have a chance to get Legend, Divine, and even Immortal cards there and you earn quite a lot of gold (depending on how many players are in the lobby).

To join a raid simply type iz rd lobbies -d immo. This will show you all public Immortal raids which you can join by typing iz rd join <ID of the raid>.

You can also spawn raids by typing iz rd spawn i -p. This will spawn an Immortal raid privately. You can turn it public by typing iz rd mpublic. If you have spawned a raid that’s public and want to turn it to private, use the command iz rd mprivate. Invite your friends by typing iz rd invite @name.

There is another option and that is to go to the official Izzi Discord server and turn on notifications for raid pings. You can join the raid by clicking on the join button in the raid recruitment channel. Be fast, though, people are like vultures for raids there!

When you have already joined the raid, you’ll first be in a raid lobby. If you are a leader, you can check how many players there are by typing iz rd lobby. There can be a maximum of 6 players. Immortal raids can be done solo even if they are Immortal but they are going to take longer. To start a raid, you type iz rd start.

I am not a big fan of kicking players who have already joined the lobby but you can do that by typing iz rd kick <vote kick ID>.Vote Kick ID is visible in the raid lobby.

When a player is AFK for more than 30 minutes and the raid has already started, you can vote for kicking him. This can be done even if you are not the leader of the raid. More than 50% have to vote for kicking the player to get them kicked. You do that by using the command iz rd votekick <vote kick ID>.

Raid battle is initiated by typing iz rd bt. You can also use iz rd bt all. Again, you can hide the visual with hidebt, so iz rd bt hidebt/ iz rd bt all hidebt.

You start the raid with 25 raid energy, which is the maximum energy. Each battle takes 10 raid energy and you regenerate 5 raid energy every 4 minutes. To check your raid energy, type iz rd e.

Hard & Immortal Drop Rate

To be eligible for an Immortal card drop rate, you need to deal at least 10% of the raid bosses’ HP.

For Immortals raids, the Immortal card drop rate is 12.75%, meanwhile, for Hard raids, it’s 6.25%. The MVP and also Premium users have a significantly increased chance to get one.

I hope this guide on how to play Izzi will be helpful for new players. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions! 🙂

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